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Before arriving here, your dreamy La Veintinueve shoes were already waiting for you. We have a momentous connection. Nothing like being inspired by the love for the art of shapes with shoes that fit your personality, high or low heels for each season, these are shoes to look at yourself in the mirror again and again in spring-summer or autumn-winter, those shoes for bold women that make you happy every day.

The style of your shoes is not a trivial thing, in reality, it can be one of the most important decisions of every day, what better than choosing heels, ankle boots, sandals or flat shoes that will make you the protagonist of your own story? As you will see, the combination possibilities can be exciting, daring, and the beginning of a success story.

Retro Shoes for women - Vintage 50s inspired Style Shoes


Buying heels can become a necessity even when there are no special parties on sight, every day can be special, the...


Comfort, more than a choice, is a must. The best sandals meet your expectations of comfort, softness, stability,...


Having beautiful supplies of flats or low heels in your closet is like waking up with glory joy every day. Imagine...

Boots & Booties

Today is a day to reinforce and awaken your own confidence because you are capable of achieving everything you set...

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