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Blink 102FM from Brasil visit us!

Bink102FM from Brazil has reviewed our store in Madrid with a fun VBLOG in the "Conexão Fashion" section of its website.

La Veintinueve wins the "Best Vintage Inspired Footwear" award at Londonedge

La Veintinueve wins the "Best Vintage Inspired Footwear" award at Londonedge where the style, design and above all, the beauty were protagonists

Operación Triunfo dazzles with style and funky retro clothes

Operación Triunfo, spanish TV show source of impressive talents, are also the scene of unique and dazzling moments, with every song we can enjoy a...

Toma Nota visit us at our shop in Madrid

The television program Toma Nota ( in english Take Note)  of Canal Decasa, presented by Pilar Pascual, offers new fashion and accessory firms, as...

Statement Making Feet by Miss Amy May

"I’ve spoken before on the blog about wanting to challenge myself more often with styling statement shoes, so I’m pleased I’ve been given the...

El Nacional and La Veintinueve

El Nacional, a multi-gastronomic space created in Barcelona has called us so that our precious “Emiliana” shoes are protagonists of its promotional...

Le Cool recommends La Veintinueve

El pasado febrero fuimos recomendados por la fantástica guía online Le cool magazine Madrid.

¡Estamos en la portada de Miniguide!

Miniguide is a pocket-sized cultural magazine and guide to Barcelona published 10 times a year and freely distributed among 300 points in the...

Colaboración con Killing Couture

"That Light" is the collection of this beautiful brand from Madrid with which we had the pleasure of collaborating a few months ago.
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