Original floral dresses for the summer

Publicado el : 06/11/2019 18:47:34
Categorías : La Veintinueve

This summer, floral dresses and pinup shoes could be the perfect combination in order to create a tropical look in the right measure of flavor, elegance and sexiness. Who does not like retro-vintage ingredients that bring back the most beautiful things of all times? In La Veintinueve we’re ready to offer you a collection that you'll want to wear both under the sun as for partying at night this spring summer.

How to combine floral dresses and which shoes? Combine it with our beautiful low heel shoes, you’ll find different designs especially ideal for any summer party. Our ballerina type of shoes will fit wonderfully with short dresses, or maybe combined with our salome shoes will make the perfect couple for a marvellous sunset. A cascade of colors with different figures and motifs like flamingos, cats, flowers, fruits, will make you wear a kind of style and taste so delicate and energetic that you will leave a mark in each place. Maybe spring and summer make you shiny and magical in our dresses because we’ve been always inspired with its magic, this season allow us to transport you through different eras and styles , either because of its natural reminiscences or because of the freshness of the fruits and flowers.

Each of our dresses has a unique personality that will adapt to yours, combined with delicate belts, front mini buttons that highlight the feminine silhouette and fine necks with different colors. Or perhaps, floaty dresses shoes that leave bare shoulders, combined with a little clutch will always be attractive. And for a special night or dinner, a tube dress of basic colors and thick heels, will shine like a rockabilly beauty.