Returns and exchanges

  • People who purchase a product with the applied promotion have a maximum of 30 days to request changes.
  • Whoever wishes to make changes to the products purchased will be responsible for the payment of sending the product back to the following address: Carrer dels Banys Nous 14, 08002 Barcelona.
  • The exchange will be processed once the return package is received and the correct condition of the item has been verified.
  • No refunds of money will be made.
  • If you do not wish to exchange the item for any other product in the store, a voucher will be issued for the value of the purchase made, with an expiration of one year.
  • The vouchers are exclusively to be used online.
  • It is allowed to make changes to purchases online in a physical store.

Compatibility with other promo codes

The promotions does not allow compatibility with other promotional codes issued by the store. Other promotional codes may be used at the end of the current promotion.

Contact, questions and customer service

For any questions, requests for information or help, you can contact or through the brand's social media.