Tops and cardigans

Cardigans to achieve your look with grace, a perfect sweater or cardigan is the one that achieves for you that perfect balance between comfortable tenderness and a style of professional elegance. Having as many cardigans as you can for different seasons in your wardrobe is never a bad idea, in fact, it is the perfect transitional piece between climatic differences without sacrificing style or comfort.

A good sweater makes you fall in love the first time you see it, it is an almost instinctive connection that we feel as soon as we see it, it seems like a piece made for us by us. You will discover here that we offer you, different models of open or closed sweaters, with buttons or knitwear, but always with original patterns inspired by the best of retro fashion. This gives your look the point of warmth that your body, your gaze (and that love one) are looking for


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